Cleopatra slot wins

Did you ever hear about that UK lady that turned her £2 bet into £1,2 million when she hit the Cleopatra slot jackpot. We guess you did not. Few things are more exciting for a gambler then success stories. Therefore this chapter is dedicated to cleopatra slot wins. Here you will not only read about some epic wins. Even better, you will also feel the excitement video through Youtube. 

As the official guide of the Cleopatra slot online we are thrilled to hear about big wins. Especially related to the Cleopatra slot wins. The classic IGT slot has over the years paid out millions and millions to players out there. Will you have the next Cleopatra slot jackpot or not?

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Five scatter win

One of the best cleopatra slow wins is surely the big ones. This user  g0t five scatter symbols. The amazing win on this slot machine gave him  in total $31  358. Sweet min that surely gave this lucky winner a night of joyful celebration.

$18 bet turned into lucrative bonus round

This user plays with style. 18$ bet for each spin is without an doubt quite impressive. Although this bonus round did not lead to any massive win, it is still a good amount of money.  Worth being shared in the hall of cleopatra slot wins on Youtube.

5 Scatters Cleopatra 2 win

I got the 5 scatters 3 different times in 3 different casinos in Stockholm one night. Just kidding. To get 5 scatters on the Cleopatra slot must be one of the most challenging tasks in the slot world. But this guy had his lucky pants on.

Crazy big multiplier

This is  the biggest multiplier I’ve seen in Youtube. A 60 cent bet that turned big. After watching this amazing slot win on Cleopatra I am sure you will want to try your luck already today.

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cleopatra slot wins

If you want to make it to the hall of fame among Cleopatra slot wins there is only one thing to do. Play. We wish that we could share any secret about this game, but that would be a lie. During the course of the years we have enjoyed this simple, but yet so beatiful slot machine. Although it is not as advanced as most other slot machines there is something charming about the game itself.

The Cleopatra slot machine can be enjoyed both online, but also on land based casinos. The return to the player is 95% for the the online version that has a higher RTP.  The main difference is that you will get rewarded for two scatter symbols when you play on any casino online. In general you increase your odds of winning if you play slots online.

The key to win big  and be part of the Cleopatra slot wins online is to get the scatters. Your 15 Free Spins will triple your stake during the bonus round. The more you bet the more you can win. There are many ways to win big, but I guess you will have to find it yourself.